Catnip Fish With Sound for Pets

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Love To See Your Cat Snuggle?

Keep your cat entertained for hours with our Floppy Fish Cat Toy. Touch-motion sensors activate the toy to simulate a fish wiggling and flopping - and automatically stops when left untouched. Great for when you leave your kitty home alone or even when he/she is bored.

Cats Absolutely LOVE To:

 Kick it with hind legs

 Lick it

 Roll on it

 Play with its tail

 Snuggle & curl up around..

 HUGE, 1 Foot Long Kicker!

 Irresistible Crinkle Sounds for Cats!

 This Well Over Foot Long Kicker Toy!

Here is why cat owners love it!

  • 100% automatic. Touch-motion sensors are used to activate and deactivate fish movement on its own without your assistance.
  • Keeps your cat active and healthy.
  • Catnip can be placed in the toy for added motivation.
  • Built to last! Made of durable, high quality materials - avoids those snags and tears. Non-toxic and safe for your pet.
  • Realistic movements and look will seduce even the laziest of cats.
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery can be removed for easy cleaning of the toy.
  • Approximately 11 inches in length.